3rd WIFT CYPRUS International Film Festival (WIFTCYIFF) on November 1-3, 2023

3rd WIFT CYPRUS International Film Festival (WIFTCYIFF) on November 1-3, 2023

PRESS RELEASE 14/10/2023

3rd WIFT CYPRUS International Film Festival (WIFTCYIFF) on November 1-3, 2023

Melina Merkouri Hall and The Classic Hotel, Nicosia

The Women in Film and Television Cyprus Foundation presents the third WIFTCYIFF 2023 Festival in Nicosia, the last divided capital in Europe. This festival is a celebration of art and cinema, with a particular focus on empowering and promoting the creativity of women in the film and television industry. Admission is free to the public with online registration.




WIFTCYIFF 2023 kicks off on Wednesday, November 1, at Melina Merkouri Hall, with the opening of the photographic exhibition “20 plus ONE – Unchained silence,” in collaboration with the 18th Cyprus International Film Festival. Stefanos Kouratzis‘ lens reveals the silent strength of women who have experienced various forms of violence as they visually journey towards reclaiming their freedom. Each portrait conveys a powerful message to the world: “Break the chain of silence. You are not alone.”

On Friday, November 3, the festival continues with the WIFTCY & CYIFF Industry & Pitching Forum. The theme of the day is “Breaking Boundaries: Challenging Stereotypes in the Arts,” focusing on addressing stereotypes in the field of art.

A highlight of the day is the presentation by Julie Joohee Jeon, a music composer, singer, and filmmaker from South Korea. With the topic “Harmonizing the Silver Screen and the Stage: Exploring the Art of Music Composition for Films and Theatrical Plays, and the Key Differences,” Julie Joohee Jeon will share her experiences in music composition for both cinema and theater, exploring the key differences and harmonization of these two art forms.

WIFTCYIFF 2023 celebrates the creativity of women in film and TV, fostering art development and breaking stereotypes. WIFT CYPRUS aims to promote gender equality in the audiovisual industry in Cyprus and internationally by connecting professionals through screenings, presentations, and artistic events. Additionally, it seeks to showcase and establish the artistic work of Cypriots and disseminate the rich traditional culture and art of the island globally.

WIFT CYPRUS is a charitable foundation connected to a global network. The first WIF network (Women in Film LA) was established in Los Angeles in the 70’s as a reaction to male dominance in the film industry. Today, there are around 50 WIFT (Women In Film and Television) and WIFT-partner chapters on six continents – all working for the same goal: gender balance in the industry.

More than 13.000 WIFT members are working together towards a common goal: to support and promote the careers and achievements equally of all professionals  who work in the film, television and audiovisual industries. 

WIFT CYPRUS Friends, of all sexes, have direct access to a wide range of networking services, job opportunities, training programs, consulting services and financing sources aimed at the completion of film productions. 

WIFT CYPRUS is also a platform that facilitates networking among professionals in the film and audiovisual industry in Cyprus and abroad, showcasing their artistic achievements and promoting collaborations with Cyprus.

You can join the Friends of WIFT CYPRUS Foundation here http://wiftcy.org/


Information: 99798112, cywift@gmail.com

WIFTCY TV Spot: https://youtu.be/dxocL5H3xp8