CYWIFT International Film Festival (CYWIFTIFF) on November 17-18, 2022

WIFT CYPRUS is a charitable foundation connected to a global network. The first WIF network (Women in Film LA) was established in Los Angeles in the 70’s as a reaction to male dominance in the film industry. Today, there are around 50 WIFT (Women In Film and Television) and WIFT-partner chapters on six continents – all working for the same goal: gender balance in the industry.

More than 13.000 WIFT members are working together towards a common goal: to support and promote the careers and achievements equally of all professionals  who work in the film, television and audiovisual industries. 

WIFT CYPRUS Friends, of all sexes, have direct access to a wide range of networking services, job opportunities, training programs, consulting services and financing sources aimed at the completion of film productions. 

WIFT CYPRUS is a platform that facilitates networking among Cypriot professionals to illuminate their artistic achievements.

Our aim is to promote and establish all artwork of Cypriots, mainly in cinema, and television and to preserve and disseminate the traditional arts and culture of Cyprus. We also encourage the equal cooperation of the sexes in the audio-visual field in Cyprus and internationally.

We are launching the groundbreaking CYWIFT International Film Festival (CYWIFTIFF) on November 17th and 18th in Cyprus.
The aim of the CYWIFT
IFF is to promote networking between cinema executives and the audio-visual sector from Cyprus and abroad through a glamorous event that includes screening of the participants’ work, speeches (pitches) and artistic events.

You can participate through the platform by either submitting:
a) a film of any year of production, genre and duration,
b) a Pitch of your next audiovisual project
in a video or live presentation of up to 5 minutes.

You can join the Friends of WIFT CYPRUS Foundation here

Information: 99798112,